Nobody wants to go through divorce but if it looks as if you may end up going down this route you should take steps top protect yourself.

Do not wait to come to a final decision obtain information now about your options, the process open to you and what steps you can be taking to place you in a stronger and better position to start any discussions about separation and divorce.

I often wished clients had come to me 6-12 months before they had separated or told the other party they wanted a divorce as the nature of the process and the outcome could have been so much different. More amicable, less stressful, less daunting, less expensive and often a better financial outcome.

I will work with you to find out what is important to you now and in the future and offer you practical guidance and assistance (not legal advice) based on my experiences over the last 20+ years as a divorce and family law solicitor to help you achieve the right separation and divorce for you. A dignified one.

I will help you

  • prepare for divorce mentally and practically
  • take control of the financial negotiations to achieve the outcome thats best for you
  • provide practical and tactical guidance in filling in the divorce paperwork and financial proceedings paperwork
  • learn how to emotionally survive divorce and come out the other side in a more positive way
  • how to start planning and rebuilding your future post divorce because I will show you there is life after divorce.


My Mission

Is to work with YOU to identify

  • what is and what is not important to you
  • the speed you wish to resolve matters
  • how much support and assistance you want or need
  • the cost of my support and assistance

Once we have identified YOUR objectives we will

  • discuss all your options
  • put into place a strategic plan of action

Throughout the entire process YOU remain in control of YOUR case and importantly the cost.

As your Divorce Coach and Mentor YOU will have access to a vast amount of practical advice, tips  and assistance based on my 20+ years as a practicing divorce and family law solicitor all at affordable rates.


I am a member of Resolution and abide by their Code of Conduct


Next Steps...

For a consultation contact me at sarah@partingways.co.uk or +44(0)7787 175 615